Valentine’s Day Craft – Valentine People

I am so happy to share with you this super easy craft. This is one of those crafts we make every year, just because it is fun. The best part, is watching them give the Valentine people character. I love to laugh with my kids as they experiment with the final look of the faces.

This is where we begin. Paper.

Pink construction paper

red construction paper

black construction paper


heart shaped punch (optional)

glue sticks

straight edge


So, I started with a green piece of construction paper to make a heart templet to start with, little did I know my son was going to use it.


So, to start, I trace the heart on to the red construction paper. 1 per person. This is the face/ body.


If you happen to have a little heart puncher, feel free to punch out lots of little hearts. You will need 5-6 for this project. But since it is Valentines day I cut out lots to save and use later for our Valentine cards.


Next, I use a straight edge to make lines on pink construction paper about equal widths. Each child will need 4 strips. 2 for arms and 2 for legs.


Fold all the strips accordion style.


For the black construction paper, I use the glue stick as the template for the circles. These will be the eyes for the face.


I also like to use the black construction paper to make eyelashes for the Valentine girls or eyebrows for Valentine men. The size can be anything you like but mine are about a 1/2 inch wide and 1 1/14 inch long. As you can see from the picture I cut little slits in the paper to make the lashes. I do nothing for the eyebrows.  You can even use the same eyelash idea to make a bushy mustache.


Here are all the supplies ready to go!


Here are my sweet little puddle jumpers I craft with.


Let’s begin!


I am glad the green heart has made Little D happy.


I am finding my kids are always bringing the markers to the craft table…

and crayons.


Coming together!


Little hands hard at work…love it.


See what I mean! Super silly but cute too. As you can see you glue little hearts to the ends of the accordion fold strips. This makes the hands and feet of the person and you just glue them to the big heart face.


My idea was red, my son had other plans. But it turned out GREAT! I love this one actually. I couldn’t help but laugh with joy.


There you have it!

I hope you enjoy making these with your little loves.



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