The Slumber Party Without the Slumber!

The Slumber Party

With all the hubbub about sleepovers, and families who choose not to have their children spend the night at a friends. You can still have sleepover fun. We do. We respect what our family friends have decided either way and they respect our family’s decision to not do sleepovers. Whether you do or don’t isn’t what this post is about. It’s about having a fun themed party that everyone can enjoy.

So here is what we did!

We invited some some of the kids frienda to come over early in the morning wearing their pajamas, they brought their pillows and sleeping bags. This was an occasion when Peanut invited her friends. Each one of our kids gets a turn to invite some of their friends for some sleepover fun. They start the morning off watching a movie picked by Peanut, while my hubby and I cook up some chocolate chip pancakes, using our family recipe. We double the amount and had 2, 2 liter measuring cups ready to go.


The girls all had a great time eating their fill of chocolate chip pancakes.

Then it was time to move on to a craft.

I printed paper dolls on card stock from This Mama Makes Stuff Blog.

Pulled out a box of scrap fabric, scissors, markers, and Tacky Glue and let the kids get to work coloring and cutting.


Even Little D was having fun.


Even Peanuts older friends had fun dressing their dolls. They even took the time to make accessories for them.


Thankfully, This Mama Makes Stuff Blog has a boy for your little guy.


A cat for cat lovers. Meow!


Love the purse she made.


Such a cute collection of dolls made by little hands.


I hope you plan a Slumber Party this summer for your little ones. If not I hope you enjoy making these paper dolls. We have, over and over again!


We even sent each child home with a handmade pillowcase as a party favor.

I hope you all have some sleepover fun this summer!



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