Homemade Bug Spray Recipe!

Bug spray

I quick little share for all my friends out there! Here’s a recipe to another summer favorite recipe. It’s super easy to make and smells really nice, not like the store bought variety. This one item we take on all our camping trips.


4 oz spray bottle
1/4 Tsp sea or Kosher salt
4 oz distilled water
7 drops Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil
7 drops Young Living Purification Essential Oil
1 drop Young Living Lemongrass Essential Oil (this one is optional)

Pour salt in the bottom of spray bottle.  Add oils. Pour in distilled water to fill up bottle halfway.  Swirl ingredients around in bottle.  Add more of the distilled water to fill up the bottle.

Then your done!

It’s ready to use for camping trips or whatever other outdoor activity you enjoy!



M is for Moose! Moose Paperbag Puppets!

M is for moose

I just loved how this silly little craft turned out.  My 4 year old loved it too. It is one of those crafts that will require a little help from mom or teacher.

(Let me just say sorry about the terrible pictures. We were staying in a hotel when we made these.)


Here is what you will need; 2 paper bags per child, 2 wiggly eyes, 2 small circles cut from black construction paper, antlers and 2 ears cut from brown construction paper, stapler, scissors and Tacky Glue.


Use the scissors to cut 1 paper bag in half.


Next, you fold the open end of the bag.

You will staple the folded end of the bag to the middle of the second bag.


As you can see from the above photo, I stapled it the the folds of the side of the second bag.

Then you glue on the black dots for the nose.

Hole punch circles would be best, I just didn’t pack mine.


For the antlers, I folded my brown paper in half lengthwise and free handed an antler shape with a pencil. I made some changes until I got a shape I liked.


Then glue on all the rest of the pieces and then you have a MOOSE!


Feel free to add personality by adding eyelashes or bows or whatever you like.

Happy Crafting!


Sweet Treats! Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Banana Quesadilla

chocolate quesadilla

If you know our family, than you know it’s no secret we LOVE chocolate. If there is a way to sneak chocolate into anything, we will. Or even substitute. Like this this little treat. So Simple. So Yummy! No cheese, so really I shouldn’t call it a quesadilla but it is gooey like a quesadilla.

So first you start with a tortilla, of course. We happened to have flour but whole wheat flour is great for this too. A little healthier.


Then you put sliced up banana on it.


Then you add some quality chocolate chips.


From here, you can really do anything you want. You can drop creamy peanut butter (like we do), or Nutella (yum), sprinkle toasted shredded coconut , toasted almond slivers (for a little crunch in your bite), heath bar bits, etc. You can do anything and make it your own.


We are keeping it simple today.

Then top it off with a second tortilla. Then heat it up on a comal and turn over after a few minutes until ingredients have melted. Or bake in the oven at 350 degrees until ingredients have melted deliciously together.

Then cut it up on a cutting board. i use a pizza cutter because it is so easy to use.


Then eat!


I know this messy little cutie likes it!


The Cardboard Mounted Map!

Hello Friends!

I hope everyone is having a good start into summer.  I can honestly say, we have been very busy over here. I am getting my stuff ready to start our Little House On The Prairie journey and our Fort Ross history lesson that will lead us to an overnight at the fort in October. So with all the school prepping in mind I wanted to share some of what has been going on over here with our prep. I personally, love to read about history. But not just read it, pour over maps and put together a grand timeline that will eventually include each one of my kids births. I think it will be fun for them to see how much history has passed since creation, up to each of their birthdays, and how it will continue until the coming of Christ.

So first, let me start with maps. I love maps. If I could wallpaper a room with all sorts of maps I would. But to be honest my husband would not be too pleased. Besides, I do have a shortage of walls to accommodate all the big maps I want my kids to study. So the next best thing, rather than pull out a paper map and just lay it on the ground; is to put it on something sturdy. That way it can be put away when not in use.

So I went to Walmart and picked up a cardboard pattern cutting board by Simplicity.


Then I grabbed my Mod Podge, a plastic cup, and a paint brush.


Or you can use a spray adhesive (and another set of hands).

Then I opened up my cardboard flat on the floor with the printed side down. I don’t want the lines to distract from the map itself. Then I lay the open map on top and get to work.


Now, this project is NOT perfect. Why? Because you have the folds of the cardboard to work with.

I worked with one section at a time. I would paint the Mod Poge up to the crease of the cardboard, lay the map on the glue and fold that part of the card board. The point is to get that section of map to settle as best it could before moving on the the next section. I would repeat the folding process with each gluing step to avoid too tight spaces that may lead to a tear. Remember, you will have some wrinkles in the map. So if you want your map to be perfectly flat, then I suggest you don’t do this. But if you are okay with a few wrinkles and are patient with this process you will be fine.

Map Project

This is what it looks like when complete. Like I said, it is not perfect but I can fold it up when we are done and put it in the closet or behind our book shelf.

It can go on the floor or stand on it’s own during our studies.

Happy Homeschooling!


Going Back to a More Natural Life

Keeping it short today, we are off in San Diego for the week and I am using my handsome hubbies laptop. There are no bells and whistles on this baby but I will see what I can do, all my pictures are on my home computer. So I will have a ton of catch up when I get back. As some of you know I believe in clean living. Although, it is harder to accomplish that today.  With all the convenient choices we see in stores today. I have decided returned to my passion of making homemade laundry soap, lotions and lip balms, etc. So today, I want to share my recipe for Sunscreen Bars; SUNSCREEN LOTION BARS 1/2 cup shea butter 5 TBSP beeswax 1/2 cup coconut oil 2 TBSP zinc oxide 1/2 Tsp vitamin E oil 3/4 Tsp Lavender essential oil (citrus oils increase photo-sensitivity so do not use those I used Lavender)

Combine the shea butter, beeswax, and coconut oil in a glass bowl placed over a pot of simmering water or use a double boiler. Or you can melt it in the microwave at reduced power.  If on the stove, heat on low until the ingredients are melted and fully incorporated.  Remove from heat and stir in the zinc oxide, vitamin E oil and the essential oil.  Pour into silicone molds and place in the fridge to cool for about 30 minutes.  Pop out and store in tins or an airtight container.  Store at room temperature. Notes: These will melt a bit in the hot sun but this is normal.  I plan to cut off a small piece to take with me to the pool or the beach and carry it in an airtight container.  Once back indoors it will solidify again. You can always put it in the refrigerator before you leave to help keep it cool longer before your outing. To apply, simply rub all over your body while holding in your hand.  The texture is firm but emollient and it will feel like a lotion, not soap.  You can rub it in further with your hands.

This is what they look like when they are done! That is if you use a apple mold!
 Please reapply every couple of hours for maximum coverage. Apply more often if playing in water.
I hope you enjoy my recipe!

Finding Time For Fitness

As a homeschool mom carving out time for me is not easy. Infact, if you’re an at-home-mom, to any small child, finding time for fitness is difficult. But not only that, the cost can be hard to fit into the budget, if you are a single income family. Before children, I use to go to the gym and run on the treadmill and spend a hour in the weight room. I was in good shape and so was my husband. Now fast forward 14 years and 3 kids later. I’m not in great shape. I have put me on the back burner. As many of you can relate, it is just too easy to say (or think) the kids are more important. Well, you are important, you are setting the example. We want our children to thrive, then so do we.

Year I met Ryan

Okay, this is not a great picture of me. But this is me 15 years ago, I was wearing a child’s size 12 pants. I had no kids and exercise 5 days a week.

Since I can’t just go to the gym. I have turn to workout DVD’s. That was good for a while, I even tried Insanity (yes, I was insane). But, I got bored with it after a 60 days. I knew the DVD all too well and would dread the next workout move. Exercise, really shouldn’t be that way. Plus, sometimes I would need a good short workout that would make me sweat. I mean why invest the time if you aren’t really working your body. I want to see a difference, I want to see improvement. The bottom line for me became, fitness should be available to everyone.  The cost of a gym for me was just enough that it became a luxury item. My thought’s became “I don’t need to go to the gym if I can put on some running shoes and get outside with the kids.” Yes,  for me that means pushing 1 or 2 kids in the stroller while the 3rd child runs next to me on the sidewalk. So I get to burn some extra calories pushing 100lbs, right? Maybe even count that as having run an extra mile, lol.


Here I am last summer. Married with 3 kids and no exercising.

But seriously, getting back to my point. If you get bored easy and like variety and like to sweat and not totally kill yourself while doing it I recomend Fitness Blender, They have something for everyone. If you are a beginner, they have something for you, if you like pilates, yoga, HIIT, weights, jump rope, Plyometric, strength training and more. There are over 450 free exercise routines to chose from ranging from low intensity to high intensity workouts. I have found my answer, with this “program”. I can stick with this and not get bored. This is a “program” that works with my budget and with my workout style. They even have 10 minute video’s that target a specific muscle group all the way up to 1 1/2 hours of total body fitness for all levels. I recommend you try it too.

Fit me

This is me getting back in shape, the present! I see the changes in my face already!

This is one of my favorite workouts for butt and thighs. My youngest enjoys this workout for kids.  You can create a free account and schedule your exercise routines on your own calendar and find success or you can go to youtube and search for them there. I am only sharing this because I am really enjoying my workouts and have already seen improvements. The best part is you don’t need to feel the pressure of buying powders to help you get in shape. Just eat real food. After all you don’t get fat eating off a meal, nor do you get thin eating one salad. It’s all about making good food choices and being okay to eat off track for a meal. Just eat healthy the next meal.

Thanks for stopping by and listening to my share.