A Walk Through History: Noah & Cave Art

   mia cave art

 This year I am going to let my love of history come through in a big way. As much as I love to read and study history my kids don’t. They love arts and crafts and any kind of project I can come up with, so hands on history is what we are going to do this year.

Now to begin, I must let you know that I am not just reading history books. I am reading the Bible and paralleling history books that happened at the same time as Biblical events (or to the best of my ability). I want to paint a picture of what life was like during the time we are studying in the Bible, this is very important to my husband and I.

The Bible we are using this year with my little ones is Egermeier’s Bible Story Book. We read pages 16-17,The Great Flood. Of course you can use any good Bible story book. Or you can use your family Bible, like I do with my oldest. At this point we are talking about “cave people”. We are learning about the shelters they would have made out of animal skins, how they made lamps, hunted for food and cave paintings. So the first project, is cave paintings. A great reference for young ones is “The Usborne Book of Living Long Ago“. (Just take the dates they specify in the book with a grain of salt.) The pages we read in this book are 50-51.

    First I got some paper bags from the store, and cut off the panel with the seam and the bottom. Then I crumble up the paper bag. The I open it up and lay it flat. It has almost a animal skin look if you use your imagination, or like a cave wall. Next, I had the kids go outside a gather some sticks to “draw” some pictures._DSC0817

Then I grabbed some tempera paint, trying to select the kinds of colors that would have been used. (Although, the kids felt the need to add a few.)

Now they set to work!


I even decided to raid my craft closet for some feathers to use as paint brushes. I will admit, Little D did complain about the feathers “not working,” I reminded him that paint brushes like we have today didn’t even exist. People used what they had and got creative with the supplies that were available to them.


Here it goes!!!


Peanut begins with feathers.


Adding more detail to create a story, just like cave walls.


Not to sure what kind of animal she is making, but she is happy.

dawson cave art

After a lot of frustrating moments, Little D is finished, and happy with his work!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I will be sharing this years entire history journey. So count this as the first in this series; A Walk Through History.

Happy Homeschooling!



First Day of School Self Portrait

Dawson Self Portrait

Today, I am going to share with you one of our first day of school traditions. Every year our first art project is a self portrait. It is a fun way to see how your child has grown over the year, and how his/ her artistic skills have developed. This year I decided to take it a step further, I decided to give them a little lesson in the art of portrait drawing. I did keep it simple for the first round. After all, I do have a 4 year old working on this project.


I always love having them sit in a row for art time.


So this is what I did; I first started by making an oval. Then I made a light line in the middle of the oval for the eyes, we will want them to be even. The reason you want the eyes in the middle of the oval is because your eyes are in the middle of your head. We, especially kids, seem to want to place the eyes at the top of the oval. They are thinking the eyes are at the top of their face so that’s where they need to be. To help them understand,  I ask them to take their hand and place their thumb next to the outer corner of their eye, then stretch there pinky up to the top of their head. Then without moving their finger/ thumb measurement, measure the distance  from that same eye corner(with the pinky) to their chin (with their thumb). It’s basically the same distance. If nothing else ask them to trust you.

Next, I add the lines for the nose line and the mouth. Again, I am keeping this simple, so I will not talk about measurements for the nose and mouth today.

(Please note, that this step is usually done with light pencil strokes. I made the lines dark so that they would show up in the picture.)


Then I move on to the eyes, nose and mouth. You can have your kids make light ovals for the eyes and begin to darken the shape that they like to make the eye shape. Noses are a little more difficult for new artists, but they can use a shape they are happy with.


Now you start to add your own details!

Mind you, I am no great artist, but I have fun pretending to be. The best part is my kids think I am an artist. Whoohooo!

I will say though, I love art. I also love sharing the basics with young ones.


Peanut is doing a great job! (Yes, I did help her with the lips, she is very particular about princess lips. This project is suppose to be fun so I gave in.


My oldest, Cupcake, who is 8, wanted to learn a little about using a pencil for shading. So here is her work in progress.


My Little D loves his color!


Here is my 4 year olds finished work. Ahh, the work of a young child.


My oldest is looking forward to learning more about shading. Where it should be darker, where it should be lighter, resembling a glow from the light.

So that will be another fun lesson.


He used crayon for his portrait. Love the pink cheeks, it certainly fits him with this summer’s heat.

I hope you enjoyed my little share of one of our family traditions.


A Time To Rest And Just Be

Funny, how life can get you so busy, you feel like you can’t just stop and take a break. That has been me. I am really good at stretching myself so thin, that all the things I do are no longer enjoyable but a chore. So, I took a few steps back, took the time to have a break and enjoy my family and my friends.

_DSC0563So, What have I been up to? Well, a few things really. I opened up my home for a couple weeks, to some young ladies to work on sewing projects. Yes, I had a Sewing Camp for girls. I had a lot of fun to teaching the girls about sewing and getting them comfortable with their machines. Some of the girls were first time sewers and they did a great job!


This is the first group of girls I was able to sew with. They all made the skirts that they are wearing with the exception with the little lady on the left. She made her own pillowcase dress and one to match for her bear.


I even had the opportunity to test my skills at making up a pattern on the spot. I think her bag turned out GREAT!


I was even blessed to teach these 3 first timers, who happen to be sisters!


Our family took a road trip and visited Legoland.


I was very impressed with Miniature cities.


My son’s favorite Lego model.

Kids at Zoo

We even explored the San Diego Zoo. Since our time was meant to be slow and relaxed, we enjoyed the local farmers market, local breweries, walks on the beach (only to collect shells), and enjoy the pool at our hotel. That’s something we have never done. We are always getting ready to go visit someplace before we go home. So it was really a great treat to slow down just be.


The greatest blessing of our summer was our annual Homeschool Family camp out. 19 kids and 10 adults totally unplugged. It is totally amazing to be out with these Christian families. The reality is, as a homeschool mom, all these kids see each other and all the moms. This is a great time for all the kids to see other Christian dad’s and see them as other positive examples of what it is to be a husband and father. I loved watching my husband helping our friends kids.


It was so much fun watching the kids explore the Navarro River and all the living creatures.


Isn’t God amazing! A tiny perfectly formed frog. At one point there was like 100 tiny frogs in a bucket!_DSC0318

Here are some of the young campers on a short hike. We have to keep little legs in mind.


These are the couples I am blessed to call friends.

As you can see, taking time to just be, is sometimes what you need.

I feel very blessed and ready for the new school year.