Fabric Pumpkins Tutorial

Fabric Pumpkins
Here is a simple fall project for beginners!
 All you need to do is sew a straight stitch with a machine, or you can make this by hand. Even if it’s not a perfectly straight stitch, that is okay; this project is very forgiving.
Now to find some fabric scraps and yarn in fall colors!
You will need to cut your fabric into a rectangle; the length will need to be double the height.
So for a small pumpkin, you can cut a 9 X 18, or a 12 X 24, or any combination you like, and as long as the length is double the height, you should have a nicely shaped pumpkin.
Iron your fabric if you need to, and make sure you know your fabric content in order to not melt your fabric.
Fold fabric in half lengthwise and pin together, making sure print sides are together.
You can use a fabric pen, or fabric chalk, or pencil to mark where you will need to stop sewing. You will need at least a 3 inch opening to turn your fabric right side out and to stuff.
Then put into your machine, starting on the fold and sew all the open edges leaving the 3 inch opening.
Once you get about 1/4 inch to the end, stop!
Lift the foot of your machine and rotate your fabric.
Then drop the foot and continue to sew. Do this again at the next corner.
Once you get to the spot where you made your mark (if you did), do 3 reverse stitches to lock in your stitch, so that it won’t not unravel.
Next, it is time to do a baste stitch to what will be the bottom of your pumpkin before you turn it right side out. It is the side without the opening.
Just hand stitch to the end and make a double knot to keep it gathered.
This is what the bottom of your pumpkin should look like after you turn it right side out.
Now it’s time to stuff!! Don’t worry if your pumpkin doesn’t look so good. It will.
Then you hand stitch the opening with an invisible stitch.
This is what it should look like once it is sewed closed.
The bottom is cute stuffed.
Once again, we will do a baste stitch at the top of the pumpkin and tie a double knot to hold in place.
Then, we sew the gathering together to make a tight center like the picture above.
Now we are looking more like a pumpkin!
Now, to work with the yarn. I picked up this sail needle at Beverly’s. You notice the large eye hole and the sharp point. This is exactly what you need to make this part easy.
So thread your needle with the yarn, making sure it is long but not too long. You will be making at least 5 sections on your pumpkin. Knot the end just like the picture above.
Now to begin!
Looking good!
Now we are looking like a squatty pumpkin.
Now to work on the stem. If you want a chunky stem, cut your scrap nice and wide. But if you prefer a long stem, long and skinny is the way to go.
Follow same procedure as before – fold face or print sides together and pin.
Put into your sewing machine and follow the same steps as before, leaving the bottom open.
This is how it should look after sewing.
Turn right side out and stuff. Then hand stitch into the center of your pumpkin and double knot to secure and you’re done!
Make as many as you like! (Odd numbers always look best.)
I hope you enjoyed this project!
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