A Journal Tutorial

journal tutorialThis is a simple craft you can do at home anytime. This is perfect for your child if they would like to make and write their own book,or have a homemade Bible journal, or even a nature journal. We are making them for our Fort Ross overnight field Trip. But the best thing about this is that the sky’s the limit, you can make and use them for gifts or anything else you like.

So, as you know the picture above shows all the materials you need (except the large paper clips I decided to use);

1 cereal box

8-12 pages of copy paper

1 embroidery needle

thread (any color)


glue (Mod podge is prefered)

Brush for glue (if using Mod Podge)

fabric (a fat quarter should work)


Okay, so first thing is stack all your paper and fold it in half.


Next, it’s time to sew your pages together. Make sure your thread is doubled and twice as long as the creased length of your pages. Be sure to make a double knot before you start sewing.


Next you start sewing up at the seam, making each stitch as even as you can.


Then sew back down going through the same holes as before. Then double knot and cut the extra thread and set this part aside.


Now it’s time to work on our book cover.


Pick one side of the box and cut it off the box.


After you cut the flap off, fold it in half like a book.


Grab your pages and see how much of the cover you need to trim off.


Once your sizing is done, put your pages aside and measure your fabric for you cover and cut.


I used rubber cement only because I happened to have it. Mod Podge is really what I recommend.


So I decided to grab some large paper clip to hold the fabric on the cardboard so I can work on the other end.


So I brush on rubber cement glue on one side and stretch the fabric over and smooth it out. I grab two more paper clips and use them to hold the fabric. (FYI, I only used the rubber cement glue because I happen to have it. I would use it again for this part.)


Brush the inner edge of the cover and fold the fabric over.


Do the same with the top.


Now you’re ready to glue in your pages. Brush the glue on to the inner cover and smooth the first page over the wet glue. Repeat on the other side.


So I work quickly on this to get this done, but you can add more glue to the fabric if you have flaps like I did. I then added paper clips to hold it down while it dries.

Then you are done!

Fort Ross Journal

Now you have a little homemade book to do what you wish.

I hope you enjoyed my little idea.

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