Homeschool Goal #2

Homeschool #2 Blog title

Here it is,, a cool crisp morning and I sit here with windows open and a light blanket on my legs. A quiet moment while I enjoy my morning tea, and think. Yes, I do a lot of that. I am thinking of ways to continue to simplify my life. To enjoy my time with my kids, and be present. So, what does that mean? Well, I know when my quiet time is over, when my son comes down the stairs with a couple card games in his hand. He loves to start his day by playing a simple games with me. Then, my oldest Mia Moo will come downstairs and watch. She doesn’t usually want to join in, but likes to sit under a blanket too.

Finally, the Peanut comes downstairs clutching her two stuffies, Almond Butter and Hazelnut. Why nut names? I don’t know, she’s just a little nutty herself. Once she arrives it is time to eat breakfast. I usually have something in the oven to eat, after all, they all love a hot breakfast.

This is a typical morning in our house. I must say, that I love it. It’s leisurely, peaceful, and makes my heart happy. This is what I want our school year to be, together, peaceful, and me 110% present. Not worrying over the next thing that has to be done! I need a school year to breath. So, we will begin with a leisurely summer. For me, a big part of making that happen is getting my hands dirty and study and observe summer beauty with the kids.

Which is perfect for my Peanut! She is my nature smart girl!

Camping 2015, Mia's 10th-9

We are genuinely taking the time to learn about the plants that grow in our area, studying seeds and making them grow into a garden, taking walks on local trails and looking at nature with a naturalist eye. Including art by sketch what looks interesting or beautiful. Learning to take great pictures in nature or wherever we go! Organic learning, if you will, of God’s creation.

Etsy, nature books-6

We are visiting the library to enrich our learning.

Fort Ross 2017, mushroom farm-15

We are also preparing for our walks and our nature observations by making some nature journals. It’s wonderful to sit together to sew up the pages and make a craft out of it.

hike collage.jpg

Then once we done, we pack a snack or lunch and get outside! Whether on the trail or visiting tide pools, it is awesome to be together and just observe!

ocean pics

Then we take the time to do a little sketch.

sketching collage

I hope you find the time to be peaceful and present with your kids this next school year.

In Christ,

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“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” Ecclesiastes 3:1



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