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It is crazy times over here as we pack-up, sell, give and loan out items. It is no small thing downsizing from 2,150 sq ft to a fifth wheel and a cottage. We have also spent the last several days cleaning and painting the tiny house.  Everyday we come home exhausted!!! No joke!!! I am not use to this kind of labor! But we have to make haste as we have pressed pause on home school as we get ready to move!

Saying good bye to the green and tan!!!

This may be a tiny house, but the way the former renter left it, was truly a disaster. SO while we add a lot of elbow grease to this place some things are getting replaced. But in all honesty, this place is over 70 years old and was built with scraps of wood and whatever else was available to my kids great-grandpa. SO while this will not be a gut job it is fun to know my kids will be the fourth generation to live in this tiny house. After we are done with it, we will have one more renter enjoy this house before we tear it down. So a spit shine it is!!!


While I work inside with a couple of kids, my husband is working outside installing the new roof. What a blessing it was for him to get some help from our brother-in-law and get it done!


Then we did some serious shopping. We went on-line and researched fifth wheels and finally decided on one. So we went to go see it in person. We will have it delivered the first week of September. The kids are really excited! The only request is that it be homey. Well, they must have forgotten who they are talking to! We will be doing some shopping for this baby for sure!!!



My goal is to have the learning room ready to go September 3, 2019. So in other words, I have a ton of work ahead of me! My in-laws are kind enough to let us convert their guest room into a learning room for their kids.


Outside of this chaos, lies another kind of crazy. My hubby sold my van, so we are down to one vehicle. But our one vehicle, was traded in for a bigger truck so we can haul our new fifth wheel!

It is really starting to feel like a whole life overhaul!!!

But in all honesty, we are not sad to be leaving our house. We are quite excited about the opportunity this gives our family. We have talked many times about moving out of the state. This will actually gives us the ability to travel and visit other states. To see if we may find a better fit for our family someplace else. But the truth is, it is all in God’s hands. Whether we stay or leave, the Lord will lead and we will follow. For now we will live with my in-laws and serve them with happy hearts. We will trust in Him.

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“You shall walk in all the ways which the LORD your God has commanded you, that you may live, and that it may be well with you, and that you may prolong your days in the land which you shall possess.” Deuteronomy 5:33



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