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Time for a little catch-up! If you follow me on Instagram you know our family bought a house in Idaho. If you don’t, let me tell you what is going on!

The last time I left you, we sold our house in California and moved in with my in-laws (which is also in California) to help them with keep up their 1/2 acre property. We help them mow lawns, pull weeds, built them a new deck and a new fence and gate. Well, I say we, but it was really my hubby with our son as his side-kick. They even received some help from our brother-in-law and even his Opa. I on the other hand, help clean their home, do all the grocery shopping, cook meals and lend a hand wherever I can.

Hubby working on his parents deck.

Before we moved, we took some time to clean up their 400 sq. ft. cottage to use as a living space for our kids. It had previously been rented, and the renter never had time to clean a thing!  So that was a project in itself. In addition to that little space we  bought a fifth-wheel to sleep in and have more living space. Basically a separate living room. One for the kids and one for us. We have it parked right next to the cottage on my in-laws property.


However, last years visit to Idaho was truly a game changer. We had talked about leaving California and starting a life that was more homegrown. The desire to own more than 6,000 sq ft of land weighed greatly on our hearts. We have the desire to live a life that is full outdoor activities and adventures. So with that in mind we looked in to other states, but with friends having moved before us to Idaho. We decided to visit them and see how we felt about the Boise area.

0619191655 (1)

Clearly, we fell in love with everything Idaho. We knew we would absolutely miss certain aspects of California, but not enough to tolerate it. So here we were buying a home in Idaho. The process of seeing the house before we buy ended up being out of our control. Some of our obstacles for example, were my flight being delayed as I was walking to board my plane. Then having my flight delayed again! So much so, that I would have missed my connecting flight. So I cancelled my trip at the airport and went home. I was so frustrated and angry and sad, so many emotions happening! Then my hubby planned to drive out solo, but with snow storm coming in, he thought it best not to drive over snowy mountains. Which made me so happy not to be without him! Nor have him see the house before me!!! haahaaa!

Then the quarantine happened! We honestly didn’t feel right leaving early on. My in-laws were scared about the virus. They had the news on all day and it drove me nuts!! But in the end, we purchased the house sight unseen and we still hadn’t made it out there.


Finally, about 2 months after escrow was complete, we drove out as a family to see the house we bought!!! Our amazing realtor, was so excited to show us in person! He had been an outstanding  help during this process, with videoing, pictures, and beyond!

Getting rid of the old to make it our home!

Now we are back again for the summer and moving in our stuff. It feel great to move about the kitchen, work in the yard, get the back yard ready for entertaining, and just making it home. Then we will go back to California and continue to serve my hubbies parents and homeschool there as well.

So that is a little summary of where we are at!

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